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Excess Inventory
Excess inventory list, available at substantial savings.

Quantity Description
(3) pocket outdoor, lexan signs, Caution...
+3 pkt. magnetic signs + Inserts, various
Various radioactive material tags and instrumental calibration and repair tags
Whirlpaks, tinted blue, (for dosimetry, etc.)
Bags, tinted blue, approx. 12x18 inches (ie for respirators, small tools/parts, etc.
Hoods, AntiC, yellow w/ velcro closure
Safety glasses w/ side shields
Rain suits, yellow, vinyl, extra large
High impact poly, yellow and magenta. Caution Radiation Area Rad Mat'ls RWP Req'd. Caution Rad Mat'ls., RWP Req'd.
Floor drain warning rings
Bags, printed - Caution Radioactive Material and Caution Radioactive Waste, SMALL, MED, LG (55 GAL DRUM)
Smears, Nucon 1 box of 250
Barricade tape, woven, yellow and black, non-adhesive
Rad Material and Internal Contamination stickers
Dosimeter chains (colored)
Sleeving, layflat, 2 inch, yellow
Tape, Y/W striped, adhesive, 2" and Caution Contaiminated Area
Wall mounts, metal, w/ eye, for securing temp. rad rope
Bag suits, 1 piece, coverall type, yellow, avail in XXX LG
Totes, rubber overshoes, yellow, sizes SM, MED, LG, and XL
37 rolls 36"x48" yellow stripped bags
30 rolls 24"x24" yellow stripped bags
11 rolls yellow herculite
5 cases cotton liners
14 cases 100pair/box rubber glover (8 size 9 & 5 size 10)
1+ case rubber totes l-xl
9 box 47mm glass fiber filters Type A/E
7 box 37mm glass fiber filters Type A/E (500 filters/box)
3 box 37mm lapel air sample heads (50/box)
12 box air sample envelopes
5 cases cloth smears
1 each yellow poly tent - size? (small)
3 spools 5/16" yellow and magenta rope (600')
7 cases 4 liter marinnellis
10 cases 1/2 liter marinnellis
2 cases 3M respirator cleaning wipes
10 cases MSA Optifilter GMA-H Type OV/HE respirator filters
3 boxes MSA respirator belts
2 cases 36x15x2 10oz roll of poly prefilter (roughing filter)
1 case 1 1/2" vacuum hose (300')
lot miscellaneous catch containments/witches hats and tygon tubing
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